pH Script Test Strips

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✔  pH Script is a FDA Registered pH Test Strip made from Medical Grade Imported Reagent for Consistent Accuracy of the Dual Test Pads.

✔  Specific for Urine & Saliva pH Testing, and can be used for many other applications to test anything Liquid

✔  Perfect for Doctors, Hospitals, Science Labs and Schools for Reliable testing of pH levels 4.5 – 9.0.

✔  +5 FREE Gifts: Immediately after Shipping your Order you’ll receive via Email a PDF of our 3 pH Charts, a Health Goals Plan & 3-Day Detox Diet, as well as a link to our Facebook site for Free Daily Workouts, Diet and Nutritional information to help get and keep your pH at the Optimal Levels.

✔  2-Year Warranty for Shelf Life and Accuracy of pH Script + Get 12 Strips Free.