Hi, I'm Hatty!

I am honored you have visited my Nurse Hatty® Website!  I have been a Healthcare Practitioner since 1979 with a vast amount of experience in Nursing, Nutrition, Exercise & Women's Beauty.  I have developed several products that can help with your overall health, as well as Women's Products.  On this site are my Best-Selling Script® Family of Products:

- Kegel Weights to Help Strengthen your Pelvic Floor

- Ketone Test Strips for Fat-loss Dieters & Diabetics

- pH Test Strips to Monitor your Body’s Acidity

- UTI Test Strips for Monitoring Urinary Tract Infections

- Chin Straps to Help get a Betters Night Sleep

- Nip ‘N Lift for Camouflaging your Nipples and Lifting your Breasts, and

- Silicone Skin Pads for Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Scars.