pH AccuCheck Test Strips

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✔  pH AccuCheck is a USA FDA Registered High Precision pH Test Strip with the Finest Japanese Filtered Imported Paper Available on the Market Today. Our Factory has made sure to Register this product with the FDA so you can order with Confidence. Whether from Us or others, Buy USA FDA Registered pH Test Strips for Peace of Mind.

✔  100 Premium pH Test Strips + Get 12 pH Strips FREE. Super Sensitive Wide Range is Ideal for Accurately Testing your Body's pH with Results in 15 seconds via Urine or Saliva. Our Premium Paper does not bleed like Litmus Paper.

✔  Although specifically designed for being tested in Urine & Saliva, there are other Universal Applications to test for acidity: Coffee, Soft Drinks (Coca Cola), Alcohol (Beer), Drinking Water, Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi's, Fish Tanks, Hydroponics, & Artificial Sweeteners. Test acidity in anything that is Liquid!

✔  Easy To Use - Simply place the Test Strip in a small cup of urine or streaming urine, or in a spoonful of saliva, pull out and shake off excess, then compare your result against the New, Improved and Larger Color Chart. It's also assembled in a High Quality Clear Plastic Case, which makes it ideal for traveling Here & Abroad.

✔  ADDED BONUS’ of pH AccuCheck: Get 12 pH Strips FREE, Get 3 FREE pH e-Charts via PDF of our Pie and Product Uses Charts Emailed within Hours of Your Order, along with a Link for FREE DAILY Video Workouts, Diets and Nutritional Information to Help Get your pH Back in Balance! With a 2-year Money Back Guarantee (Shelf Life) we also Donate % of Proceeds to National Osteoporosis Foundation. Order pH AccuCheck Now with complete Peace of Mind for All the Above Reasons.