Nurse Hatty Kegel Exercise Weight System - 2 Smart Weights & Shapes for MED & LG Canal Sizes for Perfect Fit, Pelvic Floor Exercises for Bladder Control + eBook Edu & Easy Training Guide

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✅ 2 PROGRESSIVELY SMART WEIGHTS IN 2 EXCLUSIVE SHAPES & SIZES: For women who have either a medium or large canal size (women that are sexually active, have had one or more vaginal deliveries, or are in need of extra help to lift & tighten the Pelvic Floor), you'll find a SHAPE, WEIGHT & SIZE that is Perfect for You! From beginners to advanced you'll have room to improve through the PROGRESSIVE weights and sizes for a PELVIC FLOOR LIFT and Bladder Control leading to Self-Confidence! 

✅ SMART Next Generation PREMIUM KEGEL EXERCISE WEIGHT SYSTEM by Nurse Hatty: The individual size of every woman has inspired me to Design a Kegel exercise system tailored to you & your goals! With extensive R&D my professional team has perfected an Intricate & Comfortable TRIPLE SAFETY DESIGN of my 2 Progressive Weight System along with the best all-around 7-STEP TRAINING GUIDE Professionally Translated in 7 Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Vietnamese.

✅ UNPARALLELED SAFETY, COMFORT & QUALITY To Keep Your Pelvic Floor Motivated: The weights are Super Soft & Silky with a Brushed Medical Grade Silicone, and with ROHS Certifications along with the Triple Safety Design it has CE Approval. In 10-15 minutes a day, you’ll see results in days to weeks with the added confidence of knowing the weights have succeeded in passing important certifications. Also, they are 100% Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic & Free of Latex, BPA Phthalate & Dioxin.

✅ PERFECT FIT & BETTER TRACTION THAN CYLINDER WEIGHTS! Due to the various cone shapes rather than a single-cylinder shape you’ll find the weights stay in place better, are more comfortable, and you’ll have the added benefit of the SMART VIBRATION (kinetic motion) inside the cone reminding you to flex your pelvic floor, thus giving you a Great Workout while tightening and lifting this important part of your anatomy! This Kegel Exercise System Can Help Give You a Successful Pelvic Floor Lift!

✅ MY PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO YOU: I am so convinced you'll love the Entire Kegel Exercise Weight System (2 Weights - Training Guide - Emailed PDF Info. Pack - Premium Soft Drying Towel - Soft & Silky Noir Hygiene Sacket, and a Trial Pack of pH Test Strips to know if your pH is balanced enough to use a Kegel weight system) that I'm offering a Lifetime of Product Support. I Am Here To Support You In Your Journey Of A Successful Pelvic Floor Lift!