Nurse Hatty - DUAL Keto & BHB Urinalysis Test Strips with Control Solution for Ketone & Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Levels in Urine + BHB eBook – FRESH 100ct. Extra Long Testing Strips for Ketogenic Diet

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  • KETONE & BHB INFO.: Are you a Beginning or Longer-term Dieter? If so, then this product is for you! When your body first starts a fat-loss diet, it produces Ketones (Acetoacetate Acid). After you have been on a diet for a while (from a few to several weeks), your Ketone levels diminish, and you graduate to producing BHB. A Blood Ketone Meter only detects BHB, but this new KETONE and BHB Test Strip will detect a concentrated level of Ketones AND BHB in your Urine. 
  • NO MORE BLOOD FINGER DRAWS – Are you tired of pricking your finger to gauge your Ketone & BHB levels in your blood? Now, you can choose a new way to test for the accuracy of your Ketones and BHB concentration by way of your Urine. This product tests for BOTH Ketones and BHB in Urine with an accuracy determined by a Control Solution. This is excellent news for those on a Paleo, Low-carb, Atkins, or Ketogenic Diet who desire a more comfortable and accurate way to test for Ketones & BHB.
  • PRODUCT INFO.: Kit includes 100ct. Dual Urine Test Strips with a Control Solution. The top pad tests for Ketones (Acetoacetic Acid) and bottom pad tests of BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) in Urine. The control solution determines the reliability of the product at any time. Place a single drop on the top Ketone test pad only. If it turns to any shade of pink, the remaining strips in your bottle are accurate to test Ketones and BHB in Urine.
  • HOW TO USE THE PRODUCT: Simply hold the dual test pads on the single strip in your urine stream (or a cup of fresh Urine) for 3-4 seconds. Tap off excess liquid. Test for Ketones at 40 seconds and BHB at 90 seconds while comparing your results to the calibrated bottle chart only. COSTS: Even with the engineering & manufacturing costs, and the BHB propriety reagent and Control Solution costs, each test is less than .40cents, compared to a blood meter strip that is usually around $1 each.
  • EXPIRATION & eBOOK INFO.: A sealed, unopened container has a shelf life of 2 years, which is the expiration date on the bottle label. Once the product is opened and exposed to air, the strips last a minimum of 90 days, meaning you can use this product daily for three solid months. The Control Solution lasts a minimum of 2 years. The All-new eBOOK includes expanded education about BHB and Ketosis, has an extended Package Insert with many additional FAQ’s and gets emailed to your inbox upon request.