Nurse Hatty - 50ct. Kit - 10 Parameter Urine Test Strips (5ct. X 10 Packs) for Leukocytes, Nitrites, Protein, pH, Ketone, Bilirubin, Calcium & More! Test Tube, Moisture Clip & Waterproof Chart Incl.

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  • Nurse Hatty Uri-10 Script Urinalysis Reagent Strips come with ten parameters allowing you to check your urine for Protein, pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen & Specific Gravity, and Calcium. NOTE: Glucose is NOT included on this test strip.
  • Exclusive Kit includes ONLY 5 STRIPS PER PACK, with a total of 10 PACKS and 50ct. NOTE: Almost all 10 Parameter Urine Test Strips come in a bottle, and once you open that bottle, the reagent starts its decomposition process, and the remaining strips will get compromised by the time you can use them in 60-90 days. With our packaging, your strips can last the entire 2 years of the shelf life without diminishing quality.
  • Included in your Deluxe Kit: 1 Moisture Clip to help preserve the individual pack you opened, along with One Test Tube and One Waterproof Color Chart to compare your results. Unopened pouch = 2 years shelf life. Once opened = 7 days per pouch.
  • Fast visual or instrumental results. No interference in Protein by alkali urine. No color change after testing and no color spread between pH and specific gravity.
  • Highest-quality Industrial Reagents and paper; Resists humidity.