Nurse Hatty® - 200ct. pH Strips (ECONOMY SIZE - SINGLE PAD) - NOW Made in USA - pH Test Strips for Alkaline & Acid Levels for Home & Lab Use - pH Scale of Human Urine

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Message from Nurse Hatty:

"Hi, I'm Hatty. I am an RN with a Nutrition Background & Fitness Trainer since 1979. My OR work with Doctors and Hospitals has allowed me to experience patient's Multiple System Breakdown & Diseases which may have resulted from Unbalanced pH. It is my mission to help educate You about the Importance of measuring Your pH daily to help offset disease processes, which is also why I offer ongoing Free Daily Nutritional Information & Workouts after your purchase of pH Script. I hope you'll let me help you! Let's Get pH Balanced Together!


Nurse Hatty, Caring for You"


pH Script is Ideal for Monitoring Your pH & Discovering Diseases / Disorders Processes

Consequences of Excess Acidity

- Inflammation
- Sleep Disorders
- Osteoporosis
- Diabetes
- Fatigue
- Heart Disease
- Digestive Problems


Consequences of Excess Alkalinity

- Arthritis
- Insomnia
- Joint & Nerve Pain
- Numbness & Tingling in Hands or Feet
- Muscle Fatigue


With pH Script, you can also Test pH in Anything Liquid

- Urine (Including Animals)
- Saliva
- Food
- Liquids (Water, Alcohol, Soda, Coffee, etc)
- Chemicals
- Soil, Hydroponics &Tower Gardens
- Pools & Aquariums


With pH Script You'll Get:

- Accurate pH Testing within 15 seconds,
- 150 Strips +50 Strips Free in Every Unit
- Enlarged Color Chart on Box, Bottle & User's Guide
- 2-Year Money Back Guarantee for Shelf Life
- Ongoing Daily pH Support from Nurse Hatty's Sites  

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