Nurse Hatty 160ct. - Ketone Test Strips - Color Chart on Keto Strip w Free Travel Bag, eBooks & App to Track-Your-Progress - Urine Ketogenic, Ketosis, Low-carb, Paleo, Adkins & Keto Diets - XL Strips

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  • [SAVE MONEY / TEST 160 TIMES!] - Ketone Test Strips - 150 Strips in a Bottle and 10 Strips in a Travel Pouch! EASY, LESS MESSY, & NO CLEAN-UP! These are easy-to-use, perfect keto strips! And they adhere to the U.S. regulations for a Class One Exempt Medical Device. 
  • [COMPARE] YOUR RESULTS IN 3 EASY WAYS ON THE: 1) Bottle, 2) Box, and 3) On the STRIP! That’s right. Now you can CONVENIENTLY & AFFORDABLY compare your results with the Color Chart Printed on the Urine Strip! Just Bend Your Test Pad Backwards to Compare Directly to the Color Chart on the Opposite Side of the Strip!
  • [ENJOY A COMPLIMENTARY FREE TRAVEL POUCH & TEST TUBE]: Your Purchase Comes With 10 Keto Test Strips Already in a Pouch! Use the moisture-proof RESEALABLE Pouch at Home, or Take it to Work, Travel, and Go Anywhere. It’s easier to use than a glucose blood ketone meter or breath analyzer monitor. And for your convenience, use the included test tube to collect your urine.
  • [RAPID RESULTS] - FAST 15sec. HIGH-PERFORMANCE STRIPS – Using the Pharmaceutical Standard of 7.7% Sodium Nitroprusside, Your Results Come Within 15 Seconds. No more waiting around for 60 seconds for these Dipstick Urinalysis Tester Strips. Get Your Urine Ketosis Levels NOW! Strips expire 90-180 Days after Poking a Small Pencil-sized Hole in the Foil Seal, Depending on the Oxidation Rate of Your Environment. Shelf Life is 2 Years for Unopened Package.
  • [FREE] – Via the Nurse Hatty App, you get instant access to several Health and Fitness eBooks, including Kick-starting Your Keto Diet & Track-Your-Progress App. Strips are for Children, Women, or Men.