Advanced OTC pH Strips 250ct. w/ 100 Strips in Separate Sealed Container + BONUS PDF Info. Pack To Benefit Your pH Health - pH Test Strips for Home & Lab Use to Test Urine & Saliva

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✔ pH Script is Lab-grade with the Same Ingredients, Material & Composition as the Major National Brands with ongoing Customer Support. Need Help? Have Questions? Get Your Answers From Nurse Hatty RN, an Email Away! 

✔ Nurse Hatty knows how often you check for pH, so she included 250 strips in this bottle, with 100 of them inside a separate container in the Bottle to Help Enhance Product Longevity.

✔ + pH Script Info. Pack: Immediately after Shipping your Order you'll receive via email a PDF of Nurse Hatty’s Comprehensive User’s Guide, a pH Food & Product Use Charts, a Health Goals Playbook, a 3-Day Detox Diet as well as a Belly Fat Loss Program, with Ongoing Support to Help Get and Keep your pH at the Optimal Levels (this Info. Is in your Package of pH Script).

✔ pH Script is comprised of Medical Grade Imported Reagent for Consistent Accuracy of the Dual Test Pads for Home & Professional Use.

✔ Specific for Urine & Saliva pH Testing, but can also be used for many other applications to test anything Liquid with a 2-Year Warranty for Shelf Life.