Nurse Hatty - Ketone Strips + Test Solution - USA Made - Ketone Test Strips to Benefit Your Low-carb, Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins Diets

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  • ABOUT THE KETONE STRIPS: I have partnered with a USA manufacturer that uses THE HIGHEST QUALITY & MORE EXPENSIVE INGREDIENTS for my Ketone Test Strips that mainly sells to only the Medical Community of Labs, Pharmacies, and Hospitals, and now to the Nurse Hatty Brand Name as well. I’m convinced you’ll love my MADE-IN-AMERICA Ketone Test Strips! 
  • ABOUT THE KETONE TEST SOLUTION: This product tests the efficacy and reliability of your Ketone Strips. Have you ever wondered if your Ketone Testing Strips are accurate, defective, expired or compromised, and if they are, indeed, measuring your precise Ketone concentration levels in your urine? Now you have a way to test for the accuracy of your Ketosis Testing Strips BEFORE USE!
  • MY NEW 100ct. KETONE STRIPS STABILIZED REAGENT LASTS A FULL 90 DAYS and has gone through extensive clinical and laboratory testing, and through my USA FACTORY, MILLIONS OF BOTTLES HAVE ALREADY BEEN DISTRIBUTED WORLDWIDE! And, NOW, with the Ketone Test Solution that also lasts 6 months, you can know for CERTAIN if the strips are accurate to test for Ketones in urine.
  • With Ketone Script You Can TEST YOUR KETONES IN SECONDS & HAS A LONG STRIP LENGTH boasting 4.2 INCHES LONG so you can be sure your fingers don’t get wet from sampling from your Urine Stream. Disclaimer - Ketone Script can only monitor the formation of Ketone concentration in one's urine and is not a cure, remedy or treatment of diabetes or any weight loss program.
  • An eBook is included with this purchase, so click HERE to access it.