Nurse Hatty ® KetoJump BHB SALTS + KETONE STRIPS - Exogenous Ketones - Beta-Hydroxybutyrates - USA-made & PATENTED for the Ketogenic Diet (Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium & Potassium) 18 serv. Choc Caramel

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  • ✅From Nurse Hatty: Combining the POWERFUL, PATENTED, EXOGENOUS INGREDIENTS of my TASTY Salted Caramel Chocolate KetoJump™ with the CONFIRMATION of my TOP-RATED Ketone Script™ Test Strips in one package, you can now be rest-assured of your state of Ketosis! KETOJUMP™ can rapidly jumpstart your Ketosis and within about an hour you can get confirmation of your Ketosis with KETONE SCRIPT™ TEST STRIPS. There is no better packaging of this perfect keto combo set in all of Amazon.
  • ✅ The Milk Dud Flavor of KETOJUMP™ is engineered with beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB) specific for those on a fat-loss or Ketogenic diet to jumpstart your Ketosis in a healthier and wiser way. Combined with my Nurse Hatty® 15-hour Fast (see package insert) you are sure to enter Ketosis first thing to start your day right or any time of day. Then, test your level of Ketosis with the most reliable Ketone Script™ Test Strips. Both products are MADE IN THE USA.
  • ✅ BENEFITS of KETOJUMP™ Include Increased Fat burn rate & blood ketone levels, mental performance, athletic endurance & sustained energy that can help support & manage a healthy weight. PATENTED INGREDIENTS: My Nurse Hatty team of engineers, lab experts and patented ingredients from goBHB® spent weeks crafting a refreshing Caramel Chocolate flavor so you can truly look forward to both the taste and benefits of KETOJUMP™. It's a perfect mixture of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium BHB’s.
  • ✅KETOJUMP™ is EASY TO USE and has no carbs, no caffeine, no fillers, no artificial flavors, and no sugar! I only use the highest quality exogenous ketones from goBHB® with a taste that is noticeably superior to all others. Mix in with your favorite beverage, water, or any kind of milk. And, with 18 servings it has up to 30% more product than others. As always, with all Nurse Hatty® products, if you are not 100% satisfied I’ll refund your purchase at any time, guaranteed!
  • ✅INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE is a NEW PDF EDU. PACK: 1) Complete Guide to Exogenous Ketones & Ketosis, 2) Ketogenic Belly Fat Loss Program, 3) 3-Day Detox Diet, 4) Decrease your Abdominal Bloat 5-day Diet, 5) A 9-week, 900 Calorie Diet Plan, 6) A UTI Diet Plan, and 7) KetoJump™ and Ketone Script™ COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE INSERTS re Tips for Best Use of KetoJump™ (Inc. the KetoJump™ 15-hour Fast) and Ketone Testing with FAQ about the Ketogenic Diet FOR NEWBIES, all emailed on the day of your order!