Nurse Hatty® - Ketone Strips 250 LOOSE Strips (Economy Size) - Made in USA - Professional Grade Ketone Test Strips to Benefit Your Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins & Low-carb Diets

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✅  FROM NURSE HATTY - I know how important it is for you to receive FRESH Keto Strips for your Diet Plans, so I send a fresh supply of my High-Performance Ketosis strips to Amazon just for you. With My USA-made Highest Quality ingredients, you get the newest & freshest testing strips. I know you'll love my Ketone Test Strips for confirmation your Ketogenic, Paleo, Low-carb, or Atkins Diet is working, or you need to tweak your diet to reach urine ketosis. 

✅  The MOST SUREFIRE WAY to make sure your strips are ACCURATE is to purchase Ketone Script 100ct. with the LIQUID KETONE TEST SOLUTION CONTROL (see 100 COUNT on this listing). Don't Guess if your Strips are Reliable. Know for sure BEFORE YOU TEST YOUR KETONES! Also, as my NEW STABILIZED REAGENT LASTS A FULL 90 DAYS, this product has extensive clinical and laboratory testing with Approval for Efficacy & Safety by in-house quality controls.

✅  250 STRIPS! I know how often you need to check for Ketones, so this is an ECONOMY SIZE if you check for Ketones throughout your day. Total 250 LOOSE Strips. A sealed bottle has a 2-year shelf life, but once opened, it lasts for 90 days. But, if you are EVER unhappy with my product, please email me via Amazon, so I can take care of you immediately!

✅  DON'T WANT TO GET YOUR FINGERS WET? Me neither! Ketone Script has a 4.2 INCHES LONG STRIP LENGTH so you can be sure your fingers don't get wet sampling from your urine stream. Disclaimer - Ketone Script can only monitor the formation of Ketone concentration in one's urine and is not a cure, remedy, or treatment of any weight loss program.

✅  INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE is a NEW PDF EDU. PACK: 1) Complete Guide to Ketosis, 2) Ketogenic Belly Fat Loss Program, 3) 3-Day Detox Diet, 4) Decrease your Abdominal Bloat 5-day Diet, 5) A 9-week, 900 Calorie Diet Plan, 6) A UTI Diet Plan, 7) A Food & Snack Exchange List, 8) An Easy-To-Understand pH Food Chart, and 9) A COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE INSERT re: Tips for Ketone Testing and FAQ about the Ketogenic Diet FOR NEWBIES. Just click HERE to get your Free guide.